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Re: [QF-Test] Feature Request

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Feature Request
  • From: Martin Moser <martin.moser@?.de>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 15:47:58 +0100

Hi Annie,

the check for existence of the file can be done via a script.

If you used QF-Test 2.2 you could make use of the procedure qfs.shellutils.exists, which will check for the existence of a file or directory.

The model-check is more sophisticated. I think you will have to implement your own comparison mechanism in a Server-script or directly in Java, and you have to make use of the Java-class in a Server-script.

If you want, you can send me such a file and a model-file. Perhaps I could give you some more hints about checking.


--On Donnerstag, Dezember 20, 2007 13:46:18 +0000 Annie Connell <anne.connell@?.com> wrote:

I am about to have a similar need to that outlined in point b) below.

On behalf of one of our users, I will need to write a test that checks a
special flat file that is exported from our database.  I need to check
that the file has been produced, on the appropriate trigger, and I also
need to check its content.

I can do this by having a 'model' file at a known location, which looks
exactly like the file that should be produced; I am wondering how,
within QFTest, I can check that the file exists, and run a compare to
see it matches the 'model'.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Anne Connell
HPD Software Limited
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 8780 6800
Fax: + 44 (0) 20 8780 6801/5
mailto anne.connell@?.com

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	Sent: 20 December 2007 12:33
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	Subject: [QF-Test] Feature Request

	Dear QF-Team!


	We would like to request three features:


	a) When we select a node, (check for example) and press the
button " ID der Komponente" (german version), a separate window pops up,
which shows the location of the component inside the whole component

	We would like to jump from that window into the real tree, so
that we can rename or copy the component there.

	It is inconvenient to navigate through the tree manually,
especially because the window must be shut before and so the path only
exists in the memory of the User...


	b) Perhaps this feature is already there but we have not found
it yet... When our SUT generates files or folders, we would like QF-Test
to check for the absence/presence of these files. By using a shell
command or an external program, we can surely search for files and store
the result somewhere, but we would prefer QF-Test to manage this
internally for protocoll etc... So a "File-Presence-Checker"-node or
something like that would be nice. Maybe even a "File-Content-Checker".


	I don't know if it is realistic, but can you get results from
the shell-commands? Then it would be able to use these results for If


	c) When we have a tree in our SUT, and we wanna check the
absence of nodes, at the moment we try checking the name of the node,
this should fail. So in the catch-part, we throw an Exception a la "This
Exception was thrown instead of an error". Not really important, but
more elegant would be the ability to throw errors. Maybe this is easiliy



	Thanks for your attention, merry Christmas to everyone,



	Arnd Bragenheim

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