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Re: [QF-Test] Numbering the names of components

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Numbering the names of components
  • From: "Thimo von Rauchhaupt" <Thimo.Rauchhaupt@?.de>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 18:32:34 +0100

Hi Karl,

I was a little bit confused about the word "unique" as each instance is
itself unique, but most of the time the same id is used from QFTest.

So I wrote a little example program.

The good thing about is that I checked the information from Weston Gross and
a number did not came up with changing between different versions of QFTest.

The bad news are:
If I have a JTextField (Name="TF") in a Panel (Name="Pa") and I dispose the
JInternalFrame in which the Panel lies and open a second JInternalFrame 
with a Name="PB" and a JTextField (This name equals the first JTextFields
name ="TF") QFTest refers it as JTextField of Name "TF2".

So I cannot use any dynamic procedure on this JTextField if the names of all
parent components does not equal each other. This is a little bit hazardous
for programming tests in procedures (Imagine to reuse a complicated Panel as
a part of two different views. I want to reuse the test, too!, Also
numbering is very bad if I change a test and all numbers are increased after
this point.). Why does QFTest uses a number if the two textfields are not
accessible at the same time? Is there a way to switch the behaviour of
autonumbering off? 

Best regards,

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Von: Karlheinz Kellerer, QFS Support [mailto:support@?.de] 
Gesendet: Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2007 22:23
An: qftest-list@?.de
Cc: Thimo.Rauchhaupt@?.de
Betreff: Re: [QF-Test] Numbering the names of components

Hi Thimo,

Typically, QF-Test automatically extends a component id with a number only
to make it unique. For ensuring uniqueness QF-Test also takes components in
included test-suites into account. See 15.2 Managing 'Components'

But Ids also can be changed manually by the user. If uniqueness is not
given, QF-Test will throw a warning.

Automatic creation of component ids can be influenced as discribed in manual
chapter "6.3 'Component' 'Ids'"

Hope this helps.

Best regards, 

"Thimo von Rauchhaupt" <Thimo.Rauchhaupt@?.de> writes:

>    Thank you for your answer.
>    What do you mean by "two different versions"? What determines a new
>    version? Or do you mean a new instance?
>    Best Regards,
>    Thimo von Rauchhaupt
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> _
>    Von: Weston Gross [mailto:wgross@?.gov]
>    Gesendet: Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2007 17:20
>    An: Thimo.Rauchhaupt@?.de
>    Betreff: Re: [QF-Test] Numbering the names of components
>    I think it might add a number to the end if you are using two different
>    versions where you record one version over the other or try to play one
>    version with the other.
>    Thank you,
>    Weston Gross
>    DTS/IA II - QA Analyst
>    Rm: 6019
>    Office: 529.9272
>    >>> "Thimo von Rauchhaupt" <Thimo.Rauchhaupt@?.de> 12/11/2007 8:22
>    AM >>>
>    Hi everybody.
>    I wonder if QFTest sometimes adds a number to a component name for
>    referencing it.
>    Is it possible to turn off this behaviour?
>    I checked that the given component is only shown once. So I do not see
>    any
>    needs for numbering the components. Or ist his an indicator that the
>    components are still in memory?
>    Best regards,
>    Thimo von Rauchhaupt
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