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[QF-Test] qftest return code (Windows)

  • Subject: [QF-Test] qftest return code (Windows)
  • From: "Michael Werner" <michael.werner@?.com>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 16:27:04 +0200
  • Delivered-to: qftest-list@?.de



I was looking at qf-test fort he first time today. I came along quite well with the examples, and created a small testcase for our application within no time. But then I ran qftest in the batch mode and was wondering. The Application seems to be executed (I see the windows open quickly, and close again) but the command has already returned to the shell, so I wonder how the return code of the Application should be checked in the batch mode (e.g. to execute a qftest-test in an overnight job, checking the return codes for quick interpretation).


I tried it with the Options.qft from the Tutorial, too and it is the same. Here is the command:

>qftest-2.1.0\bin\qftest -license license -batch qftest-2.1.0\doc\tutorial\Options.qft


The OS is WinXP SP2, jre 1.5.0_03


Regards Michael