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[QF-Test] Qf-test reports warnings but there are no warnings in the xml/html files

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Qf-test reports warnings but there are no warnings in the xml/html files
  • From: "LAKITSCH, HANS-CHRISTIAN" <hans-christian.lakitsch@?.com>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 11:10:26 +0200

Title: Qf-test reports warnings but there are no warnings in the xml/html files


I found a inconsistency in the XML/HTML Reports generated with qf-test 2.0.5:

---------------- HTML  ------------------------
When I look at the HTML report for my tests, I can see a lot of warnings reported:
Overall result 658 Warnings 649 0 0 649 0 0 649 100 1:11:13 h 2:28:01 h
But no further description what kind the warnings are!

-----------------  XML  ---------------------------
When I take a look to the generated XML file I can see 1 warning reported at the test case level, but the warnings node is empty:

      <testcase implemented="true" name="test 10" pstate="0" qname="main test .test 10" ref="N755E9" state="0" vstate="1">

        <summary duration="5379" errors="0" exceptions="0" realtime="12419" time="20:22:16.631" timestamp="1187720536631" warnings="1">

            <check pstate="0" state="0" vstate="0">
              <message>Check OK: ElementName:frameOrest_-_/AS1458B_/1 Test result:10:RUNTIME PASSED</message>

------------qf-test log ---------------------------
Only in the stored qf-test log file I can find the interesting information about the warning:

Test-cases should not be nested.
This test-case will not be represented properly in the report.


Now I have the problem to explain hundreds of warnings whereas the test cases itself all have passed.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
Ing. Hans C. Lakitsch
Test Manager

Thales Rail Signalling Solutions GmbH
Scheydgasse 41
A-1211 Vienna, Austria

Tel:   +43 / 1 / 27711 - 5124

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