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[QF-Test] Components recognition problems

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Components recognition problems
  • From: "Yossi Loson" <yossi.l@?.com>
  • Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 12:54:30 +0300

Hey there,


I am using QF-Test ver 2.0.1-p2 (build 2151)

Eclipse 3.2


I encounter lots of components recognition problems

Component’s unique id isn’t always kept and on different runs there are some “component not recognize” issues

For example a button can be recognize as “button_1” while on second run it won’t be recognize at all, only when recoding it again it becomes “button_2”

In order to avoid such issues I tried the following:


  1. renaming all newly recorded components (so uniqueness is kept for sure)
  2. having only the specific components I am working with under “Windows and Components” section
  3. recording several times the same component to check for consistencies   


None of the above worked 100% of the times and I still have none recognize components issues especially when different builds are involved


Please let me know how you guys determine each component’s id, please be specific as to whether you are building an hierarchical components tree etc..

Also is there a way for the code to be clearer for QF-Test’s mechanism? So our developers can help (for example -insert id per component)