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Re: [QF-Test] setting up sut

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] setting up sut
  • From: "Praveen M" <praveen@?.in>
  • Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 12:39:52 +0530

Hello Suhaib,

Since you are testing an SWT application, you may follow the additional
setup instructions provided in section 4.2 of the QF-Test User Manual.

Chapter 4.3.5 of the Manual explains the settings required of "An
application started with java -classpath <classpath> <class>".

If you have set the 'Directory' attribute to the working directory for your
application within the 'Start Java SUT client' node as explained in chapter
4.3.5, the full path is only required for jar archives not located in the
'Directory' selected above when creating entries in the 'Parameters' table
for the executable.

The QF-Test Manual explains 'Class name' expects "The fully qualified name
of the Java class of the SUT whose main(String[]) method will be called. If
your application is run from an executable jar archive with the -jar
parameter, you must leave this attribute empty."

Additionally you may prefer using the Quickstart Wizard - a utility offered
by QF-Test to guide you through the steps of creating a start sequence for
your SUT. Chapter 3 of the Manual has more information about the Quickstart


Bangalore, India

India Distributor for QF-Test

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Subject: [QF-Test] setting up sut

Hello !

I am using an evaluation version of the software, however i am facing the
following problems

1.>What are the jars that i have to include if my SWT application runs
through the claspath? Is it the jar of the swt application itself?

2.>The jdk Instrumentation isnt working proprly even when I have saved the
list of all the jdk and jre's.The help manuel,isnt sufficient,as i have done
everything it asks to do.

3.>What is the name of the "main class" to be like? is it just the name of
the class,or its name with its location,i.e its path?

It would be very professional if You give me a resolution for the stated
problems,as we are in the need of buying a ui testing tool, this weak


Suhaib Taqvi

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