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Re: [qftestJUI] Dynamic Sequence Name

  • Subject: Re: [qftestJUI] Dynamic Sequence Name
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: 03 Aug 2006 19:59:52 +0200

Hello Catherin,

this is not possible in the current qftestJUI release 1.08.6, but will
be supported in QF-Test version 2. There, a Test-case or Test-set node
may have a variable report-name, so multiple executions of such a node
with different variable definitions can be reported in a more
informative way.

This is already available in the current prerelease (again, please see for information).

The next snapshot will also support special loop nodes for data-driven
testing, also with the ability to have each loop iteration logged with
a unique name.

Best regards,

"Catherin Jullien de Pommerol" <catherinjullien@?.com> writes:

>    Hello,
>    I would like to know if there is a way to name a sequence in a dynamic
>    way that is to say using variables in the name of the sequence so that
>    when i have a sequence inside a loop,it could take different names and
>    then the html report will be more readable.
>    Thanks in advance.
>    Catherin.

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