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[qftestJUI] SUT hangs on startup

  • Subject: [qftestJUI] SUT hangs on startup
  • From: Dylan_Wilson@?.com
  • Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 13:29:44 -0400

Testing a pure Java application using 1.4.2_05 and JUI 1.08.3.  I've tried
both "Start Java SUT client" and starting using a shell command that runs a
batch file.  The JDK is instrumented.
When the application starts up, I see my app, but it doesn't seem to have
fully initialized as the menu bar is not the correct one, its a default bar
which is swapped out for the correct one during startup.  My app is not
responsive at all, and I have to kill it to end it.  Further complications
might include using JInternalFrames, using JGoodies Look and Feel, using
multiple threads at startup.  I have tested it with another simpler app.
that we have written here and it works great.  That app has the L&F, but
doesn't use the InternalFrames or swap its menubars.  This is my first time
using JUI and I have otherwise been pleasantly surprised.  We are in the
evaluation phase and plan to purchase something within 1month.  Thanks for
the help!
I should mention that JUI doesn't hang at all during these scenarios.


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