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Re: [qftestJUI] Still having JCombobox problems

  • Subject: Re: [qftestJUI] Still having JCombobox problems
  • From: Karlheinz Kellerer <Karlheinz.Kellerer@?.de>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 09:47:01 -0000

Hi Bastian,

Bastian Bowe <Bastian.Bowe@?.de> writes:

> Hello,
> qftest (still) makes trouble with recognising subcomponents of JComboBox.
> We recorded all our components including JCombobox. JComboBox components,
> among most others, are having a name set via setName.
> Unfortunately, when recording activities on a JCombobox the subcomponents
> of JCombobox get automatically recorded to a strange location. The Ids are
> something like and so on.

With JComboBox components a popup window is invoked when opening the item
list. In qftestJUI popup windows are always recorded directly under the
respective main window. Is that what you mean with "strange location"?

> After moving them to the
> desired node in our component hierarchy and renaming them to a reasonable
> name the recorded activities aren't working anymore cause the components
> can't get find.

Moving components in the hierarchy doesn't work well, because the hierarchy is
a component recognition criteria. See also "20.2  Component recognition".

> As stated in a previous mail we could name subcomponents with
> JComboBox rcb = ...
>   ((javax.swing.plaf.basic.ComboPopup) rcb.getUI()
>                     .getAccessibleChild(rcb,
> 0)).getList().setName("ListFoo");
>                 rcb.getComponent(0).setName("ButtonFoo");
> Is there another way to work around our problem?

As Gregor already wrote in his previous answer, there is no need to name
automatically generated sub-components of Swing components like
JComboBox. qftestJUI will find these without the name as long as it finds the
component itself.

Please send your test-suite directly to me along with a run-log showing the
problem you are facing. I will have a look.

Best regards,

Karlheinz Kellerer                     Karlheinz.Kellerer@?.de
Quality First Software GmbH