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Re: [qftestJUI] qftest running Out Of Memory

  • Subject: Re: [qftestJUI] qftest running Out Of Memory
  • From: Karlheinz Kellerer <Karlheinz.Kellerer@?.de>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 10:07:01 -0000

Hi Shlomit,

"Shlomit Becker" <Shlomit.Becker@?.com> writes:

>    While running my tests qftest is getting slower and slower until
>    eventually I get an out of memory message. I saw in the user manual
>    there is a section on memory, and tried to follow some of the things
>    that it said there, but I am still running out of memory. I changed
>    the run log options to only have 1 run log in the menu, I have "Create
>    compact run log" checked on.
>    I saw that I can change the -mx value, where do I do this?

You can specify the -J-mx value as command line parameter, when starting
qftestJUI. See also manual chapter 16 "Command line arguments and exit codes" for
details and FAQ 14 "I've got a long-running test and qftestJUI keeps running
out of memory. How can I prevent that?"

>    Any other suggestions?

Maybe the taskmanager can help finding out who is actually eating up all the
memory, is it qftestJUI or the SUT - if the second, this could have revealed a
memory leak ;-)

Best regards,
Karlheinz Kellerer                     Karlheinz.Kellerer@?.de
Quality First Software GmbH