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[qftestJUI] Red Hat Enterprise Errors

  • Subject: [qftestJUI] Red Hat Enterprise Errors
  • From: "Scott R Boisvert" <Scott.R.Boisvert@?.gov>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 12:51:12 -0600

Hi all,

This past weekend our system admin upgraded all our Red Hat 8.0 boxes to
Red Hat Enterprise.  All our files and settings were migrated with the
new OS.  qftestJUI still runs on the Enterprise edition, however I get
several errors when I start the program.  I also get the same errors
whenever I run a test.  I've attached the errors I received in attached
document.  Any ideas how to fix this?

fn:Scott R. Boisvert
n:Boisvert;Scott R.