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RE: [qftestJUI] Running qftest with profiling tools

  • Subject: RE: [qftestJUI] Running qftest with profiling tools
  • From: "Scott Symmank" <ssymmank@?.com>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 10:27:13 -0600


i used the jprobe code-coverage tool about a year ago, so.

i created a jpl file (or something like that), and had a
separate procedure in qftestJUI that started my application
with jprobe. it worked very well.

i could dig up the files, if you need them. but if i
remember correctly, i just followed the jprobe examples.

best regards,


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Subject: [qftestJUI] Running qftest with profiling tools

Hi all, 
we are using qftestJUI for testing our application with different
- first of all as a general tool making sure that our application meets
the requirements
- second as a tool for doing some simple performance measurements (open
masks, search, ...)

We are also doing profiling with some other tools (e.g. JProbe) and want
to combine these tools, i.e. running our application within 
qftestJUI together with JProbe.

My general question now is:
- is it possible at all and
- does anyone have some recommendations to do this task

Thank's in advance 

Horst Weimann
Email: horst.weimann@?.de
Cursor Software AG
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