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RE: [qftestJUI] waitFor String in Terminal?

  • Subject: RE: [qftestJUI] waitFor String in Terminal?
  • From: "Scott Symmank" <scott.symmank@?.com>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 15:43:14 -0700

works like a charm. here it is :

- Procedure : WaitForString (numberof.attempts,interval,client,string)
	- Try : TestForString
		- Loop (${numberof.attempts)) : DelayBefore $(interval)
			- Server Script
				out = rc.lookup("qftestJUI","client.output.$(client)")
				if out.find("$(string)") > 0:
     					raise UserException("$(string) was FOUND in $(client)")
		+ Catch UserException


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Hi Scott,

"Scott Symmank" <scott.symmank@?.com> writes:

> i have used the method of assigning a new client,
> and wait for the termination of that client. this
> is when you want to wait for a certain String to
> appear in the system out of this new client script.

Thanks for sending the answer to your own question to the list. This
is what I would have suggested as well.

I just wanted to add that in case you really need to parse the output
of a client, you can access it with ${qftestJUI:client.output.XXX}
where XXX is the name of the client.

In a Jython script you would use the equivalent

out = rc.lookup("qftestJUI", "client.output.XXX")

and check wor the expected text with

out.find("task finished") >= 0

However, there's no simple way to wait until the text is displayed
except for polling in regular intervals, so the "Wait for process to
terminate" node is preferable in your case.

Best regards,

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