Dear QF-Test users and interested parties,

There is no new QF-Test version available (yet). Instead we would like to inform you about the following topics:

1. State of QF-Test Version 4.1
2. New Look for the QFS Website
3. Company Events
4. Next QF-Test Training Date and Special Webinar

Thank you and with best regards,

Your QFS Team

1. State of QF-Test Version 4.1

Test 4.1 is close to its release. Most of the new features (support for Kendo UI, Jython 2.7, 64 bit browsers, rerun capabilities, improved WebStart support, ...) are already stable.

The new approach for web testing via WebDriver is progressing well but will take more time to fully mature. By integrating Selenium WebDriver into QF-Test it will not only be possible to address a wider range of browsers (including Edge, Safari, current Firefox versions, Opera,...), but also to integrate and combine Selenium tests with QF-Test.

An official Release Candidate of QF-Test 4.1 is planned to be available by the end of next week. It will not be announced via another newsletter but via the QF-Test Mailing list.

You can also monitor the download page at or explicitly request a pre-release via email to

2. New Look for the QFS Website

Our website has a completely new layout with more images, new colors and moderate structural changes. Please feel free to comment, criticize or provide feedback of any kind either via phone (+49 8171 386 48 0) oder via email to

Some design elements of the new website are also represented here in our new newsletter format.

3. Company Events

Besides WebDriver support and website re-launch, several company events were keeping us busy:

At QFS we try to further improve our international communication skills. In a cross-culture-workshop Ms. Dr. Schroll-Machl taught us the ins and outs of intercultural business relations - and also reflected on how our subjectively "normal" German business culture is seen from abroad.

More sportive events included climbing the roof of the Olympic Stadium in Munich, the 10th company run in our home town Geretsried and the City Cycling campaign.

In addition, we joined the "Erfolgsfaktor Familie" network ("Familiy as Factor of Success"), a loose web of companies which believe like us in the importance and significance of family-friendly company policies. The network is supported by the German government and the European Union.

4. Next QF-Test Training Date and Special Webinar

You can save travel time and expenses by participating in one of our open trainings via web seminar:


September 13 - 16, 2016 English


Martin Moser continues his popular special webinars. A special webinar session lasts about 1.5 hours and costs 125 EUR (net) per participant.


September 20, 2016

Dependencies in QF-Test - it's like magic:
Smart management of test preconditions and global error recovery


And of course you can always book training or consulting individually for you and your company or on site.