Holistic Plugin for QF-Test available

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With this free plugin you now have the opportunity to transform your automated testing with QF-Test into a holistic experience.

Who doesn't reminisce about the good old days, when working on a computer wasn't just a plain visual, but rather an audiovisual experience? An advanced user could use the dial-up modem noise to detect whether or not their connection to the internet was succesful - way before seeing their systems' error message (see/hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsNaR6FRuO0).

With our new plugin we strive to bring back those times and make automatic testing with QF-Test a holistic experience. Extensive research and a lot of coffee went into making test execution audible. Every test now has its own characteristic sound, making each test an avant-garde work of art and allowing professional testers to empathize with their test-runs on a entirely different level.

One can say without exaggeration that Quality First Software achieved with the "Holistic Test Execution" a milestone in the history of automatic testing. This is a small step for QF-Test, but a giant leap for quality assessment - and we invite you to join us: Download the "Holistic Plugin" free of charge, unzip the file into the "plugin"-directory of your QF-Test-installation and restart QF-Test. And don't forget to turn up the volume before you start your next test!

The plugin installation steps as as well as the result are shown in this 1 min Video. Have fun!