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04. June 2019

Something doesn't work with QF-Test

You are working with QF-Test and something something doesn't work as expected? Then you can (as usually) search the Internet or do research at Stackoverflow... A faster way is going on our channels ...

  • General FAQ, Technical FAQ and Videos
  • context-sensitive help (click right mouse button on arbitrary tree node or attribute (in the details pane) → select "What's this?" → reference in the manual)
  • Tutorial, Manual, Mailing list, the Blog here
  • full-text search (onsite search in the upper right corner) including manual, tutorial, standard lilbrary, QF-Test website, mailing list archive, blog
  • All information for a successful start can be found on Get started
  • Free starter webinar every Monday 4 p.m. CET/CEST
  • Ask our support team directly:

    • via mail to support@remove-this.qfs.de (please include your run-log - see manual Chapter 8.1 - and test suites)
    • via support form (in QF-Test's "help" menu "Contact support team")
    • phone our support hotline +49 8171 – 38648 20

Which help was especially valuable for you? We looking forward to your comments - thanks.

Slightly different topics to classic support are bug reports or feature requests. They are followed by individual blog posts.

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