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In our News Archive you can find all our news from 2002 to 2015.

In a half-day kick-off-webinar with our trainers you will build a solid foundation for your test automation directly on your application. Ensuring a...

GUI test automation now also available for web pages that have been created with Kendo UI.
QFS developed a Kendo UI (version Q1 2016) resolver so that...

We are happy to inform you that we have now formalized our long-standing relationship with our partner QF-TEST AUSTRALIA, who offers support and...

This release mainly adds support for Eclipse/SWT 4.6 "Neon" and reestablishes compatibility with Java 9.
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Test automation with many contributors in different roles is very challenging - in addition to often complex applications. On April 5th Martin Moser...

You may find it handy that necessary license updates now can be activated simply via the 'Help'→'Update license...' menu action. Also helpful to see...

This release updates AJAX toolkit support for ICEfaces version 4.1 and PrimeFaces version 5.3 and adds automatic handling for a new WebStart security...

A healthy new year, thank you for your trust and loyalty over the past year and we hope you had a relaxing Christmas season.
Do you have any...

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