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Product Variants and Prices of QF-Test

QF-Test is available in several variants which differ only in the supported GUI technologies (Swing, SWT, Web). Just select the product best fitting your requirements.

Please note the different license types and models.

In case you would like to enhance your license to support an additional technology, please see the Upgrades page for details.

Support for one GUI technology
QF-Test/swing SWING
QF-Test/swt SWT Base price
Floating development license
EUR 1,995.--
Detailed prices
QF-Test/web WEB
Support for two GUI technologies
QF-Test/swing+swt SWING SWT
QF-Test/swing+web SWING WEB Base price
Floating development license
EUR 2,495.--
Detailed prices
QF-Test/swt+web SWT WEB
Support for three GUI technologies
QF-Test/swing+swt+web SWING SWT WEB Base price
Floating development license
EUR 2,995.--
Detailed prices
QF-Test Product Variants

This commercial offer exclusively addresses business customers. Prices are quoted in EUR exclusive of tax and are subject to change without notice.

We will gladly provide a formal quotation. Please see our How to buy page for details.

GUI Technologies

Those for QF-Test defined GUI technologies allow in detail testing of following systems:

Swing: Java applications based on the Swing GUI Toolkit, including Java Web Start and Java applets in a browser. ULC and Captain Casa belong to this category.

SWT: Java applications based on the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), including Eclipse plugins and the Rich Client Platform (RCP).

Web: Web applications in a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer and Firefox) based on HTML, including AJAX (e.g. toolkits like GWT, ExtGWT, ExtJS, ICEfaces, PrimeFaces, RAP, Qooxdoo, RichFaces, Vaadin, ZK).