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Quality First Software GmbH

Professional test automation for more than 13 years

Based south of Munich, Quality First Software GmbH (QFS) is a German software development company focusing on quality assurance. Managing Director Gregor Schmid founded QFS in 2001. With QF-Test the company was first in providing a professional tool for test automation of applications with a Java Swing GUI. End of 2006, version 2 added support for Eclipse/SWT/RCP testing. Since December 2008 version 3 offers cross-browser web testing support and QF-Test 4 extends test automation to JavaFX. Besides the GUI technologies, the general functional range of QF-Test was expanded continuously (Facts & Features).

Since its founding in 2001 (10 years event celebrated in 2011), QFS has acquired over 900 customers from more than 50 countries, evenly distributed over all sectors and company sizes - from small businesses to large enterprises such as HP, IBM, Audi, EADS, as well as academic and public institutions (Customers worldwide, References).

The motto "Quality First" is the heart of our corporate philosophy. With our test tool QF-Test we contribute to improving the quality of our customers' software. We also apply highest quality standards to QF-Test itself, as well as to the quick, friendly and competent handling of incoming queries, and emphasize a personal, trust based, and steady customer relationship.

We are concerned about the quality of life and work of our employees and their families. Fun both in our daily work as well as during our frequent company events is important to us ("Leitbild"-Project 2012/13). QFS is committed to a range of humanitarian initiatives locally and internationally (e.g., each year we give a fixed percentage of our gain as donations) and we strongly emphasize sustainable economics (Regional Business Prize (German PDF), CO2 Footprint (German PDF), CO2 Compensation Certificate (German PDF),Sustainability declaration of Benediktbeuern (PDF)).

"In over 250 reviewed companies between Oberstdorf and Flensburg, the ecological ideal has never been carried out so inimitably and outstandingly as at QFS." - Citation Energy-Consulting Allgäu

QFS team

The QFS team, from left to right:
First row: Gregor Schmid (Managing Director, Development & Support), Mathias Schindler (QFS Leipzig: Development & Support).
Second row: Yann Spöri (External: Development & Support), Robert Lahmer (Development & Support), Michael Höber (Development & Support).
Third row: Susanne Allwang (External: QA), Dr. Martina Schmid (Personal Assistant), Helena Aschenbrenner (Sales & Accounting), Mike Schmidt (Support & Administration).
Fourth row: Florian Syska (Development & Support), Thomas Max (QFS Leipzig: Consulting, Development & Support), Michael Bretthauer (Sales & Marketing), Karlheinz Kellerer (Managing Director, QA & Support), Dr. Kornelia Rassmann (External: Consultation Sales & Marketing), Martin Moser (Consulting, Development & Support).

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